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Who We Are

Amazion Healthcare & Medical Supply Inc. has experienced the opportunity and blessing of God since its inception in 2018. As OG Ventures Inc it was known to be, but now changed to Amazion Healthcare and Medical Supply Inc. To change the new name connection with Zion is to invoke the guidance of God and strictly honor God in its principles and operations procedures. To serve God through man is its #1 priority and will do everything in its capacity to maintain the status quo.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve humanity and honor the Lord’s principles through our visions and operations. We will serve others just as we will serve ourselves, aid them in any situation and help them in any professional way needed. We will stand solidly to consider others first and foremost to prove our positive mind, and teamwork in professionalism. We will involve a high standard of ethics, integrity, and respect. We will create and add value through superior knowledge by providing the highest quality products available. We will dedicate ourselves to excellence through common goals, planning, and purpose.

We will develop and exhibit the utmost respect for our customers, manufacturers, and employees. As we adhere to these principles, it will put us as the leader in the orthopedic and established medical equipment distribution that can serve the nation.

Our Vision Statement

Amazion Healthcare & Medical Supply Inc.’s vision is an organization facing more than 2000 healthcare provider partners which aims to help people dealing with mental problems and challenges. Its vision shows the desire of the organization in becoming a leader and transforms the healthcare industry in a manner others will emulate and be oriented.

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Meet Our Caregivers

Our caregivers make a meaningful difference with their dedicated services.

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